Please read this important notice:

Places, services or businesses identified or marked by icons are not necessarily endorsed by Dignity Health.  While the benefit of creating an account on this Community Needs Index™ (CNI) account is to allow you the user to drag-and-drop icons representing places, services or businesses that are of interest to you, please understand your icon choices and placement are publicly visible to other users, including those who do not log in to the CNI™.  We do not, however, make visible to other users your identity, either in association with an icon or other online activity on CNI that could be associated with you.

When you log out, your icon placement will be saved by CNI™.   We do not, however, offer any guarantee or promise as to the availability of CNI or the accuracy of your placement of the icon.  CNI is provided "as is."

CNI is provided by Dignity Health as a service to the community.  CNI may be withdrawn at anytime without notice to a user.  Additional notices and legal terms are as hyperlinked at the foot of this page.